Why choose a professional antique furniture restorer?

It is best to choose a professional antique furniture conservator/restorer who is an accredited full member of B.A.F.R.A. as, in the first instance he or she will be able to evaluate the piece of antique furniture in question and give an honest opinion of the pieces age and value.

The antique furniture restorer will then be able to advise as to how much work needs to be carried out.

It is important with older pieces that the patination, i.e. colour is preserved where appropriate. Thousands of pounds in value can be wiped out by amateur restorers stripping or cleaning off old surfaces. This is impossible to replace and is one reason why professional advice should always be sought.

It is also important that the materials such as the timber used in the restoration are of the same age, type and character. A professional antique furniture restorer will have a large supply of period timber, veneers, handles, locks and keys.

A professional can also advise how much money it is worth spending on a piece, some things are obviously worth spending more time and money on than others.

Antique furniture restoration and conservation should be carried out sympathetically with the end result that the piece of furniture in question looks as though it has been lovingly cared for.